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A sweet treat that packs a punch!

Fulfill your craving for something sweet with our protein packed DreamDonuts! 


Deloria Pack $16.00

See The Nutritional Info HERE 3 x Sea salt Caramel w/crushed waffle cone (Vanilla Base) 3 x White Chocolate with…

Sweet Tease $16.00

3 x Chocolate Malteser (Chocolate Base) 3 x Chocolate Reese Cookie Monster (Chocolate Base) 3 x Chocolate Frosted Strawberry Pocky’s…

Choco Sweetness $16.00

3 x Double Chocolate Reeses (Chocolate Base) 3 x Chocolate Butterscotch Waffle Cone (Chocolate Base) 3 x Double chocolate Skor…

Chocolate Lovers $16.00

3 x Chocolate Cookies & Creme (Chocolate Base) 3 x Double chocolate brownie (Chocolate Base) 3 x Chocolate Sea Salt…

Nestle & Hershey Lover $16.00

3 Oreo Mint chocolate 3 Cookies and Cream 3 Skors

Sweet Mother Lover $16.00

3 Reese Cookie Monster (Vanilla Base) 3 Butterscotch Waffle Cone (Vanilla Base) 3 White chocolate pretzel (Vanilla Base)


Super friendly staff and I really respect Lendyll Soriano giving back to the community so much. Support local and go to Dream Bootcamp

Adam Hughesman

“Great coaches and programs! People are so friendly and welcoming. The vibe here is amazing, which makes working out fun and leaves you looking forward to coming back again every day!

Lisa Michalchuk Zaleski



Live the Dream

Gym H0urs

Monday-Friday: 5am - 11pm

Saturday: 5am - 10pm

Try us out for $99

Try us out for $99

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